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Month: November 2021

Cost Accountability

Cost Accountability

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Cost Accountability, Business Costs, Business Professionals

All businesses have an end goal when it comes to finances. Each company has a certain threshold they'd like to get past to reach that desired financial goal they have in mind.

Reviewing Your IT

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: IT Support, IT Business, IT Review, IT Professionals, Business Professionals,

In today’s culture, IT is easily one of the most important aspects of any business. Every business has an IT department that helps maintain things from a technology perspective, but how often are you reviewing your IT department?  IT And Success  Reviewing your IT structure is vital to business development. There are always vulnerabilities to your business technology, and those vulnerabilities need to be addressed and protected. Reviewing your IT department can assist with discovering new or existing cyber threats to your business.  As a business, you have essential and classified customer information to be protected and kept away from the public eye. IT departments are excellent in ensuring that the latest software development is being implemented to secure your vital information for your business and clients.  Reviewing your IT department and its structure can also aid in delivering better results to your customers and clientele. Reviewing your IT structure helps with creating new and more efficient ways to meet customer demand while keeping sensative information safe and secure.  Contact Us Today  Reviewing and understanding IT can seem intimidating for those of us who are not tech-savvy. Luckily, Vend Advisors can help you understand IT from a business standpoint and take a look with you to review how your IT can grow and

Understanding Business Banking

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Financial Success, Business Banking, Banking, Business Professionals

You're in a business to ultimately make money. But how do you get said money? How does the cash flow into and out of your

Reviewing Your Benefits

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Business Benefits, Benefits Review, Business Professionals

As a business owner, you take pride in offering your employees benefits. Those benefits may range from 401k to health insurance, but do these benefits need to be reviewed now and again?  Staying Relevant With Benefits  One of the main reasons to remain consistent with your benefits as a business owner is to stay ahead of any significant culture shift. After the global pandemic, the most recent culture shift took place. Businesses witnessed changes in employees, clients, and structure.  If you're a business owner, the benefits that you've put into place will not remain relevant to your employees as time goes on. Your benefits require a polished review to keep up with employee demand.  It is often a good idea to revisit your benefits in the hopes of discovering what your overall goal is as a company. Reviewing your benefits allows your business to consider new and relevant information directly impacting your employees and clientele.  The top reasons for offering employee benefits packages are affordability, recruiting, and retaining employees. Additionally, a growing number of business owners believe employee benefits affect productivity too. Discover More About Reviewing Your Benefits  At Vend Advisors, we believe that growth is essential to any business, including growing your employee benefit program. Contact us today for more information on how your business can stay relevant and meet your employees' expectations with

Stepping Outside Of Business Norms

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Business Success, Business Norms. Business Professionals,

At Vend Advisors, we have helped all sorts of business owners maintain their success for many years. With any business comes traditions and norms that you might have implemented when the business first kicked off, but there is always room for growth and improvement, which is why we believe that thinking outside of the box might potentially save your business long-term.  Staying Busy  As with any business, you can continuously improve your current techniques and growth strategies. Most of the time, we see business owners who tell us that they do things a certrain way because "that's how it's always been done." However, realizing that something can be fixed does not necessarily mean that it's broken.  In the business world, changing your structure or recalibrating your business plan indicates the desire to unhinge from remaining stagnant. Your efficiency standpoint needs to change and evolve to keep up with business trends.  The world we live in is constantly changing. As a business owner, you want to maintain new cultural aspects for your employees and customers. Continuous innovatoin and change for the better might seem like a risk, but staying in traditions isn't always the best result either.  Communication is appropriately the most crucial aspect to maintain in any business. It allows for growth in almost every area. It gives your business the chance to discover new opportunities to make a

Financial Modeling

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Financial Success, Financial Modeling, Finance Modeling, Business Professionals

As a business owner, you understand that you are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract more clientele. One of those ways might be having to make a pretty big purchase. But before this purchase can take place, you need to look at how you're going to afford the purchase and consider if it will impact your overall expenses long-term. This is where financial modeling comes into play.  Understanding Financial Modeling  Financial modeling is the process of presenting a company's expenses and earnings in a spreadsheet that can be used to evaluate the impact of future decisions or events. In strategic planning, financial models test different scenarios, determine project costs, prepare budgets, and allocate resources. They are used to estimate a business's value or to compare it to its peers. As a business owner, there are always costs to creating a product or service and selling it. Whatever product or service you sell, materials or supplies are needed to provide solutions for your customers. Having a suitable financial model in place can help you understand your business financially and how you can cut costs while still delivering exceptional results to your customers.  We Have You Covered  This is where Vend Advisors comes in. We can break your financial modeling down into small, achievable steps to keep up with your demands. We can help you evaluate all costs and find ways to save you money! Contact Us Today A succe

Managing A Mature Business

Managing A Mature Business

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Mature Business, Business Professionals, Business Finance, Financial Success

So your business is skyrocketing, and you've hired all the key individuals - so now what? Distribution might be flowing, but you're not entirely done yet. With a mature business, you still have to maintain it from a professional standpoint.  Finding The Right Balance  As a business owner, you might see yourself doing everything right and keeping up with demand. You know your customers and your clients and understand where you are within your business. All these things are elements of a mature company.  Mature companies are well established in their industry, with well-known products and loyal customers. Mature businesses typically face ongoing competition and exhibit slow, steady growth. Besides paying dividends, mature companies usually cut costs and improve efficiency to boost profits. Your business may be mature and running smoothly, but what does this look like long-term? Where do you see your business going in five years? Maintaining a course might seem like the best idea short-term, but what about further down the road? You want to make sure you have a plan for what comes next.  What Comes Next At Vend Advisors, we know that looking ahead isn't always easy, but it is necessary. There are opportunities for growth within your business, even when it's reached this level of maturity. Building value is also crucial to clients and customers.  Anything can happen at any given time, and as a business owner, you want to

The Transition Period For Retirement

The Transition Period For Retirement

Posted By Vend Advisors
November 12, 2021 Category: Retirement Plans, Transition Retirement, Business Professionals, Advisors,

Many of us wonder what retirement will be like. For some of us, that point of time is only a few years away. For others, it's much closer than that. Regardless of the timeframe, we all must first go through what we at Vend Advisors refer to as transition.

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