KPI Bootcamp: Guerrilla Accountability For Your Business

If you haven't heard about our KPI (Key Performance Indicator) Bootcamp, click here to learn more about this Bootcamp before heading back to this blog to learn more about one particular step we call 'Guerrilla Accountability." 

What Is Guerrilla Accountability? 

During KPI Bootcamp, we start by focusing on your financial makeup with Guerilla Accountability. Diving into the financial responsibilities of a business owner isn't always possible, but it helps you gain perspective on your business overall. To get the complete picture of your business, you need to know the five roles of modern financial leadership. 

The Five Roles Of Modern Financial Leadership 

We assist buyers and sellers in understanding the various parts of a business from a financial perspective. In a sense, Guerrilla Accountability is just a deep dive into your company's finances and an in-depth review of what is happening from an operational standpoint. Part of this deep dive is explaining the five roles of modern financial leadership, which are the following: 

  • Cash Flow
  • Risk Management 
  • Capitol Investments
  • Infrastructure 
  • Exit Strategy 

We work with you through each of these roles to help you better understand your company's finances. We also work with you to ensure the KPI Bootcamp is done correctly and efficiently to assist you in either growing your business or selling it to the highest bidder. 

Let Vend Advisors Help You Today With KPI Bootcamp

If you are interested in learning more about how Vend Advisors can help you address your business's financial responsibilities, contact us today!

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