I am for Transition


The Transition Phase:

  • Established processes
  • Change to survive or die
  • Flat gains/ losses
  • Long term investments
  • Long-standing employees
  • Very risk-averse
  • Hard to move mindset
  • Owner wants to retire


The transition phase is the final phase of the business lifecycle. You can relate this lifestyle stage to that of finishing up your senior year of college - it’s time for graduation, or in a business, retirement. This can be a scary, yet exciting time. You’re leaving a comfortable and familiar part of your life behind to move onto the next chapter.


How Can Vend Help?

Breaking out of your comfort zone can be daunting, but it’s necessary. With proper planning and a guiding hand, your transition can be seamless! As your strategic partner, we can help you step away from your business in the most successful and peace-filled way possible.

This is a process that can take 3-5 years of planning. Changes might need to be made in order to keep the business valuable and appealing to a buyer. We’ve been there before and now we’re here to help you through the transition phase so that it is done right for you and your business!

Learn More About the Lifecycle of A Business

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