About Vend

The BackstoryRob and Beth

Rob Simon, Principal of Vend Advisors LLC, lives in Westlake, Ohio, with his lovely wife, Beth. Rob spent 30+ years in the moving and storage industry, working for a medium-sized Northeast Ohio-based business throughout his entire career. Working his way up through the organization, he started as a driver and left after spending 20 years as Chief Financial Officer. As a CFO, Rob wore many hats while managing a team and evolving the way his back office ran the business. He was a dedicated, results-oriented, solution-seeking executive; all traits he brings to our clients.

What Is Vend Advisors?

Vend, from the Latin root “Venum”, meaning “an exchange of monetary value – to sell”, was the idea we had when thinking about all the ways to sell a business. We thought- OH! A Vending Machine! (Actually, it was Beth's…don’t let him take all the credit.)

Vend Advisors is a strategic partner with the goal of maximizing the value of your business through various methods. We use our experience to assist you in navigating the business lifecycle to sell, grow, mature, or transition your business. 

We partner with businesses of all industries, no matter where they are in their lifecycle. 

The Vend Mission

Our mission is to maximize the value in the business, build and manage the transition or growth process; whether acquiring or selling, and provide resources in financial operations leadership that yield a successful long-term outcome. 

Our promise is to help our partners accomplish their success with integrity, admirability, kindness, and authenticity.

KPI Bootcamp

Our KPI Bootcamp is geared toward addressing all of the most important components that make up any business:

Finances, Operations, Culture, and Transition. 

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