Biz H.I.I.T.

Business High-Intensity Interval Training

Biz HIIT is the segment of our KPI Bootcamp that focuses on your plans for growth from an operational standpoint. After you’ve delved into your finances, you need to dive into your goals and ideas for growth.

Get Your Operations Team Working Together From A Growth Standpoint

In order to grow your business from an operational standpoint, you must make sure that several different teams are working together with growth as the end goal. Those teams are as follows: Finance & Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Infrastructure. 

For example, if Sales & Marketing brings in a big, new client or customer that you’ve wanted for a long time, you have to be sure that financially and operationally your business is ready to handle that because it can be suffocating if you’re not. 

Infrastructure plays into this as well because you not only need technology infrastructure which we all think about, but controls and processes need to be in place as well. Especially if you’re going to have to add people in this area, because then you’ll have to change the whole communication structure and the complexity will evolve- each team will need to adapt to these growth changes. 

4 Ways to  Grow a Business

  1. Sell something
  2. Control Costs/ Margins; you can increase top-line, but decrease bottom line if you’re not careful.
  3. Acquire another business
  4. Build a network of professionals and service providers to advise and to mentor
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