Guerrilla Accountability

The first part of KPI Bootcamp is to address your financial makeup with Guerrilla Accountability. Diving into the financial responsibilities as a business owner is not always possible but helps you gain perspective into your business as a whole.

How can Vend Help My Business?

No matter what stage your business is at in the lifecycle, money is essential. In order to get the entire picture of your business, you need to know the 5 roles of modern financial leadership.


5 Roles of Modern Financial Leadership

  1. Cash Flow
  2. Risk Management
  3. Capital Investments
  4. Infrastructure
  5. Exit Strategy

How to Raise Money for Your Business?

  • Have a valid business reason for why you need the money
  • Understand what you're giving up by taking money from investors
  • Seek help from a professional with investor contacts
  • Practice your pitch in front of the mirror, family, and friends- daily
  • Ask for exactly what you need and be prepared to defend your use of the capital
  • Don't take money from just anyone- vet your potential partner(s)
  • Identify partner(s) who fit your business's core values and vision

Learn More About Guerrilla Accountability

If you are interested in learning more about how Vend Advisors can help you address your business's financial responsibilities, contact us today!

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