I am in Growth


Typical Growth Phase: 

  • Some “shaky” processes
  • “Wow, it’s working”
  • Have a fractional executive team
  • Increased revenue year-over-year
  • “I want more! Let’s Expand”
  • Establish niche
  • Doing less “in the business”


The growth phase of your business is from years 3-10. This phase is similar to the experience of a college sophomore; you’ve survived your first phase, it might have been a bumpy adjustment period, but you made it all the same!

Now, in this phase, you start to define your process, you are learning what worked and what didn’t, and you are using that experience to plan for the coming years.


Why Choose Vend?

We are here to help you navigate your next steps and plan for the future.Much like an academic advisor in college, Vend Advisors is here to help you choose the right path, make the right decisions, and plan for a successful future.

We have been where you are now and where you’re going to be. We’ve made the mistakes and we’ve learned from them. Let us use our experience and knowledge to help you make it through your journey stronger!

Learn More About the Lifecycle of A Business

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