I am at Maturity


Maturity Phase 10-20 Years:

  • Established process
  • "Why change what works"
  • Existing silos
  • Long term investments
  • Strategic focus vs. tactical marketing
  • Multigenerational
  • Significant community impact
  • Established leadership


The maturity phase of your business is about 10-20 years in and can be equated to the same journey that a junior in college would experience. You know the routine, you're kind of maintaining where you're at, you've established your course of study and what you're doing. You understand your business, you know your customers and clients, and you know your team. You're cruising, but you're also looking towards the next steps, which could be expanding or transitioning out of the business.

Why Vend?

As your advisor, your trusted ally, your strategic partner, we provide you with our wealth of knowledge and experience for your stage in the business lifecycle.

The strategies in our KPI Bootcamp are designed to help you continue trucking along your path to success by helping you maximize value and avoid costly mistakes while growing and evolving your business. 

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Whether you've business is looking to expand or transition, Vend Advisors can help every step of the way.

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