If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you …
- Rudyard Kipling 

I am a Startup 


The startup phase is by far the most exciting and the most terrifying stage of the business life cycle. Just like being a freshman in college – the dream is finally turning into reality, your hard work is starting to pay off, but at the same time, the hard work has just begun.

What a Business Needs to Focus on in the Startup Phase:

  • Banking/ insurance
  • Funding/ raising capital
  • Marketing plan/ Execution
  • Implementing systems
  • Revenue generation
  • Cash management
  • Production Planning
  • Staffing/company culture

Why Vend Advisors?

The startup is all about excitement, eagerness, and guidance. Much like an academic advisor in college, Vend Advisors is here to help you choose the right path, make the right decisions, and plan for a successful future.

We have been where you are now and where you’re going to be. We’ve made the mistakes and we’ve learned from them. Let us use our experience and knowledge to help you make it through your journey stronger!

Learn More About the Lifecycle of A Business

If you're in the start-up phase, you have a lot to look forward to! Make sure you hit all of the right marks with our KPI Bootcamp!

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